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Year 6

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                  are fast approaching but, with a well-deservedEaster break under our belts, the class are back and ready to learn! Our over-arching topic will be an exploration of Mother Nature’s fury……

Within this unit we will be looking at the causes behind earthquakes, tsunamis and violent volcano eruptions, recreating the latter through some exciting D & T work combined with scientific experiments!

Using a cross-curricular approach, we will be comparing, contrasting and representing data on particular volcanoes and earthquakes; writing creatively to explore the power of these natural phenomenon as well as investigating the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire’ and the destructive force of our earth’s vast tectonic plates!

In our new science topic, we are learning all about our HEART and LUNGS.

We will be welcoming a nurse from Coventry University Hospital into our classroom who will teach us a huge amount about the importance of our hearts and how they work. In the coming weeks we will also be learning the many crucial jobs of our blood, how our lungs work and how to keep healthy through exercise and diet.

We do PE on Wednesdays!

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