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Year 6

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The Realm of Dragons

This year we begin by bravely stepping into the fantasy world of DRAGONS, investigating their roots within world history, mythology and legend.

We will read popular fiction such as parts of the Harry Potter series, ‘The Lord of The Rings’ novels, ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ by Cressida Cowell and also Chris D’Lacy’s ‘The Fire Within’.

As part of our RE studies, we will learn about Saint George, his life and the legends surrounding his heroic battle with the dragon. We will discover what a ‘patron saint’ actually is and the cultural implications on today’s society.

Through Art and Design and Technology, we will continue our exploration into the world of dragons - firstly by looking at dragon artwork, investigating skin colour, texture and pattern. We will experiment with different media taking influence from the Far East and their love of these fantastic beasts. We will also attempt to make our very own customised dragon slippers using a range of materials and techniqueswatch this space for pictures of our creations!

In our Science work we will look at Classification. Pupils will build on their knowledge of classification from previous years and look at the classification of invertebrates and microorganisms in more detail, playing games to help them learn about microorganisms and classes of invertebrates.  They study yeast, observing its growth, and use it to make bread and investigate mould!

Autumn Curriculum Overview