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Vicious Vikings

In the Summer Term our topic is the Vicious Vikings. As we explore the high seas from a longboat, we will discover everything that there is to know about being a Viking. We will explore their houses, jobs, behaviours and get creative as we design and make our own long boats. Bring your best battle cry as we conquer this fantastic topic.


The class will read both fiction and non-fiction books linked to our new topic to help develop our writing. Our main text this term will be Beowulf, although we will spend some time studying ‘The Highwayman’ too. This is a classical poem that tells a story with vivid imagery and language which you will love!


In Maths this term, we will continue to develop our understanding of number and regularly recap the four operations. We will be looking in more detail at fractions, money, shape, percentages, statistics, position and direction, not forgetting our times tables! There is lots to cover but this will get us set up perfectly for Year 6!


In Science we are going to be focussing on two main areas: Mixtures and reactions, and Human development. We will learn about the properties of different materials and develop our understanding of chemical reactions. When we learn about human development, we will learn about the different parts of our body, how they change as we grow up and look at how to keep clean as we start to get older!


Sumemr Term Curriculum Overview