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Year 5

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Buckle your seatbelts and hold on tight, we are going on a Space adventure! We are going to be finding out all about the planets in our solar system and discover whether there really is life outside of our universe. The children will be involved in research projects, learning about space travel and will get the chance to design and make our own moon buggies. Get ready for blast off!


In English this term we will be developing our reading and writing through traditional stories from other cultures. We will be looking at Journey to Jo-burg and learning about the impact Nelson Mandela had during the apartheid. Children will develop their understanding of structure within a text and look at the literary devices authors use to engage with the reader.


As well as looking at the four operations (+ - × ÷), we will be looking closely at reading and writing numbers up to 1 000 000. Fractions will also play a big part in our Maths lessons as we discover how to order fractions, find equivalent fractions and add and subtract fractions! Don’t forget to keep practicing your times tables as they will be invaluable to our work this year


To get our Science started this year, we will be taking a closer look at everyday objects, deciding on which materials they are made from and why, as well as looking at reversible change.  

Y5 Homework