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Friends, Faith and Lifelong Learning

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Use everyday items to build a small bridge—how much weight can it hold?

2. Choose your favourite food and find out how it is produced

3. Complete 2 activities on Spelling & Grammar Bug

4. Learn to say My name is... in 6 different languages

5. Light a candle for Candlemas and write a prayer of hope for 2019

6. Research Ancient Egyptian beliefs and create your own God or Goddess

7. Design a poster for ‘Safer Internet Day’ or create a set of ‘Safe Internet Rules’ for you and your family

8. Login to TT Rockstars (if you haven't already) and practise your tables

9. Create a secret message using hieroglyphics


To mark the Chinese New Year, use junk modelling to create a Chinese dragon!

11.  Read a suspense story and create a list of powerful verbs and adjectives

12. Conduct your own survey at home and show your results using a tally chart and bar chart

13. Create a comic strip to show the Hindu story of Rama and Sita

14. Use column addition and subtraction to calculate different totals from a shopping receipt

15. Create a poem including all of the things that make you happy

16. Research the life of an Ancient Egyptian farmer and write a diary entry from their viewpoint

There are 16 activities shown below in the grid which reflect ‘Friends, Faith and Lifelong Learning’. Try to complete 2 or 3 each week and spread the work over the half term so it is ready to be handed in during the last week of the half term—week beginning 11th February.

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spellings and tables Autumn 1 .pdf


spellings and tables Autumn 1 LAC.pdf