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We do PE on Thursdays!


Our English this term will cover persuasive writing and poetry. We will be using high quality texts to write amazing arguments to save the rivers of the UK from pollution and we will be creating imaginative poetry based on ‘The River’.


This term we will continue to secure and deepen our understanding of the 4 operations (+ - x ÷) as well as how to apply these to different situations. We will also be exploring lots of aspects of measure as well as revisiting time!

Welcome to Year 3!

With Miss McMaw and MrsAngus


Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Get ready Year 3 this term we will be diving head first into some of the most famous rivers in the world. We will be following rivers from their source to their mouth where they meet the sea. Along the way we will have a look at different aspects of a river and also exploring the different habitats they provide.


We will explore each of the features of a river and the journey the water makes from source to mouth. We will be locating lots of rivers of the world including some very famous ones. We will be using atlases and technology to aid us with this.


As well as exploring the water cycle through our topic work we will also be looking plants. We will be continuing to develop our scientific questioning alongside our ability to conduct scientific experiments!


P.E. will be on Thursdays for Year 3! Please ensure your child has suitable kit and a water bottle.

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