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Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Are you ready to travel back in time to meet the first inhabitants of Britain? This term we will be exploring life during the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age! We will be exploring what life was like for these people and compare this to how we live.

Our Prayers

We do PE on Fridays!

Year 3 Knowledge Organiser

With Mrs Massey and Mrs Angus!

We will create our own cave paintings and create 3D art work!


We will be finding out how Stonehenge was built and how it has transformed overtime. We will also explore a prehistoric village in Scotland called ‘Skara Brae’, it was discovered during the archaeological excavations of the 1970s and provides evidence to suggest how these people lived.


When we reach the Iron Age, we will be learning about rocks. We will be looking at different types of rock and there different properties. We will be carrying out a variety of different experiments to question and further our scientific knowledge.

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