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Friends, Faith and Lifelong Learning

There are 12 activities shown below in the grid which reflect ‘Friends, Faith and Lifelong Learning’. Try to complete 2 or 3 each week and spread the work over the half term so it is ready to be handed in during the last week of the half term—week beginning 21st October.

Non-compulsory task:


With only  15 Fridays until Christmas,(!) it is time to start thinking about our Shoebox Appeal—Operation Christmas Child. Please look out for the leaflet and further information coming out next week. We’d love you to get involved ; you could create a box as a family or pair+6+++++ up with someone in your class!  Watch this video for ideas https://youtu.be/677iIEeqXWY

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Headteacher: Mrs Lucy Anderton

It is Picasso’s birthday in October! Create a knowledge organiser about him or recreate one of his pictures.

Make a poppy for our Remembrance service in November.

part of our STEM curriculum, research Louis Pasteur and choose how to present this. You could create a knowledge organiser, poster or leaflet.

Year 2 Spellings—see attached sheet

Year 2 Reading Task—read an information text on London, and use it to create an information poster.

Year 2 Maths Task—practise and learn fluently your 2x and 10x tables. Show some work on it in your Homework book.

Year 2 Writing Task-research the Tower of London and write one paragraph of non-fiction writing about it.

Bug Club—log on and read 6 of your assigned reading texts

Answer this question: If God made clothes, what would they be like? Be as creative as you can!

Handwriting—practice your joins on the attached sheet.

Make a meal for someone you love. It could be breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Year 2 PSHE—New Beginnings-create a poster or piece of art showing your goals and hopes for this year.