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Friends, Faith and Lifelong Learning

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There are 16 activities shown below in the grid which reflect ‘Friends, Faith and Lifelong Learning’. Try to complete 2 or 3 each week and spread the work over the half term so it is ready to be handed in during the second to last week of the term—week beginning  8th July.

Year 2 Additional Homework Expectations SUMMER TWO.pdfYear 2 Group 2 Additional Homework Expectations SUMMER TWO.pdf

1. Access your bug club account and read 4 books

2.  Create a model of a River - you could even label the features

3. Use your times tables knowledge to complete the multiplication wheels

4. Create a poster about a French celebration—this could use your learning of the months of the year

5. Calculations - use the attached sheet to practise your different methods

6. Write a story from the viewpoint of a raindrop on a rainy day all the way from the cloud to joining other raindrops

7.  It’s time to look back on a great year! Show all of your favourite moments this year—you could draw them or even write about them.

8 .  Investigate Pentecost with your family—create some artwork to symbolise this important day

9. Practise your times tables 3 times a week using tt rockstars

10.  Help your family in the garden—mowing, planting, pruning or picking!

11. Teach your spellings to a member of your family

12. LET’S KEEP FIT! How well can you skip? Can you learn? Skip in different ways? How long can you skip for?

13. Draw a diagram of and label the parts of a flowering plant

14. Interview family about what they like to read. Can you catch your parents reading? What did they read at your age?

15. Go on a litter pick around your local area!-Be an environmental superhero!


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