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Autumn Term  Curriculum


After a lovely, relaxing and sun-soaked Summer holiday, last year’s FS2 have transformed into this year’s magnificent YEAR 1….and what an EXCITING year we have in store!

To begin our busy Autumn Term, we are putting on our armbands, goggles and flippers and diving beneath the waves for our


Over the next few weeks, we will be reading stories about creatures that live in the ocean. From this,

 we will be practising our sentence composition as well as sequencing stories and experimenting with descriptive words and phrases.

Through a series of lively and interesting activities, the children will build their knowledge of oceans

and seas around the world. They will begin to understand the different environments these represent and how they affect life on land as well as at sea. They will

develop their geographical skills and build up their knowledge of food chains, exploration, and evolution!

In Maths, we will be practising counting and recognising simple sequences. We will also be learning methods of mental addition, explore money and time, as well as shape and simple forms of measure!

In PE, we will be developing our ball skills and learning balance and movement through gymnastics. In our RE lessons we will be exploring the question ‘What do Christians believe God is like?’ and through PSHE, the class will learn to recognise feelings and emotions and how to be a good friend!

We do PE on


Our Prayers

I can’t see you, God.

So please give me a clue:

Do you look like me,

And do I look like you?