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Autumn Term  Curriculum


In our English work we will focus initially on non-fiction, recognising the features of these books before writing our own information pages linked to the topic.

Our Science topic this term is entitled ‘Seasonal Changes’ where we will investigate changes in temperature, light and shadows as well as contrasting climates across the world!

As we near closer to December, Year 1 will be turning our attentions towards Winter and Christmas – writing letters to Santa and enjoying the classic story from Raymond Briggs ‘The Snowman’. We will also be busy preparing for our KS1 Christmas production which we will be performing to parents in the last week of term!

We do PE on


Our Prayers

After a much needed half term break, Year 1 have

returned for a new adventure – this time venturing

into THE DEEP FREEZE for our Autumn Half Term 2 topic! Over the coming weeks we will be exploring the polar regions of the world,focussing on                                          

Our RE learning this term links with this as we focus on what Christmas means to Christians and looking at the Christmas story in a little more detail.

Finally, in our PE lessons we will be practising our teamwork and social skills through an exciting space adventure!

Keep an eye on twitter to follow our exciting run up to Christmas.

the wildlife and landscapes of these extreme continents. We will be practising our map skills and learn how to use compass directions as well as reading a range of lovely illustrated picture books to help our

understanding of the creatures and people who live there.