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Year 1 Curriculum Overview


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 The spring term brings a new and exciting topic to Year 1. We have moved from our Arctic ‘Deep Freeze’ focus to taking a step back in time into the prehistoric

Lost world!

Over this term we will be learning all about the time of the dinosaurs. We will be exploring dinosaur poetry and writing our own rhyming couplets along with writing a short story about when a dinosaur visited Year 1!  We will also be learning about the incredible life of Mary Anning and her amazing discovery in the  rocks of Devon!

In science we will be studying everyday materials. Through a range of investigations, we will explore their properties and attempt to group and sort them in different ways. Finally, linking with the well-known children’s story, we will work in groups to decide on the best materials to build a house for the three little pigs – or maybe the three little dinosaurs!

In Maths we will continue to build on our understanding of number by using a 100 square to support our adding, subtracting and multiplication by 10!

Our RE focus first shifts towards Judaism with a study of the Mitzvot and Tzedakah. We will think about why learning to do good deeds is so important to Jewish people? Later in the term, we will look at Creation and do some interesting work around the question ‘Who made the world?’

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