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Year 6 Homework  - 16/11/17

Homework should take a maximum of ½ hour per night excluding weekends. It is up to you whether you decide to do it all in one go or spread it over the week. Homework is important as it reinforces our class learning and prepares you for Secondary School life. Please try to complete as much as you can!

Topic – Anti-Bullying

To support our Anti-Bullying work this week, I would like you to write me a poem, a short story or create a poster exploring bullying in school, ‘uniqueness’ or celebrating difference.


Our new spelling focus will be words ending in -able / -ably and -ible /-ibly. E.g. reliable or possible. Explore these endings, listing as many words as you can in your books in preparation for next week. Choose a few of the more challenging words to put into sentences showing an understanding of its meaning.


This week we have been revising 2 D shapes with a focus on quadrilaterals and their properties. Have a go at completing some of the differentiated tasks included. YOU DON’T NEED TO COMPLETE THEM ALL!


This half term I want you to continue to read as much as possible with a focus on non-fiction! When reading with parents etc. try to practise skimming and scanning to locate information. Look at new language and discuss the meaning. Below are the objectives that we are focussing on at present.

Identify the value of skimming and scanning a text

Identify and discuss the difference between statements of fact and opinion

Show awareness of more complex punctuation when reading

Decode increasingly complex new words, reading formation aloud accurately

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