There are 16 activities shown below in the grid which reflect ‘Friends, Faith and Lifelong Learning’. Try to complete 2 or 3 each week and spread the work over the half term so it is ready to be handed in during the last week of the half term—week beginning 17th December.

       Hopefully you will enjoy completing these tasks. The different colours symbolise the different types of tasks that you will be completing. I will expect to see all of the tasks evidenced in some way. Use the box numbers to help reference the evidence. Eg. 1- might be a write up of who you played with and what you enjoyed about it. Make sure you ask Mum, Dad or an adult to help with some of the activities.

       Good luck and enjoy!

       Mr Bramhill

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Friends, Faith and Lifelong Learning

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24 hours without TV/iPad/Xbox/PS4/ etc. No cheating!

STEM CHALLENGE: Design and make a paper aeroplane. How far can it fly?

Tidy your room. Don’t forget to clean under the bed and vacuum the floor!

SATS Reading practice papers

(will be sent out in due course)

Make a Christmas decoration with a family member.

Create a Meriden Stone and hide it somewhere in the village.

Have a go at a sport/ activity that you haven’t played much before. Eg. cricket, basketball, skateboarding, roller blading, hockey, etc.

Make sure that you know all of your times tables (and division facts to go with them).

Eg. 6x7=42   42÷7=6

Write a short story with a moral about stopping bullying.

How many sit-ups/ push ups can you do in 1 minute? Practice each week and see if you can improve.

ENVIRONMENT CHALLENGE: Make a fish out of recycled plastic

SATS Maths practice papers

(will be sent out in due course)

Write a prayer for peace over Christmas time

Research a Bible character and write a character description of them.

Create a piece of art which shows Jesus in the manger

SATS SPAG practice papers

(will be sent out in due course)

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