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Year 5 Homework

Due in 18th January 2018

Please read for 20 minutes per day and complete regular times tables practice. (You must know all times tables up to 12x12)

Mathletics 15 mins per day.

Maths: Using the grid method, complete the multiplication questions. Remember that you need to multiply each number in the grid first, then add up all of the answers to find the total. Please ask if you’re not sure.

English: Complete there, they’re or their worksheet - click here. Can you circle the correct use of the word in each sentence?

Topic: I would like you to choose your own rainforest animal to research. Create an A4 poster, either hand written or on the computer, and bring it to school next Thursday to tell the rest of the class!

Spellings: This week, we are going to take a selection of the Y5/6 spellings to test you on. Some are tricky but give it your best shot! If you know them already, practice other words from the Y5/6 word list











Please ask about anything if you are not sure.

Mr Bramhill