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Year 5 Homework

Due in 29th March 2018

Please read for 20 minutes per day and complete regular times tables practice. (You must know all times tables up to 12x12)

Mathletics 15 mins per day.

Maths: Find the common factors of each number on the sheet. The numbers MUST go into both of the target numbers. Eg. common factors for 8 and 10 are: 1 and 2. Click HERE

English: The furniture company IKEA cuts down a huge area of rainforests each year to get enough wood to make their products. Write a letter to Jesper Brodin (the boss of IKEA) to tell him what you think he needs to change.

Topic: Complete the table about deforestation. I want you to give me the reasons FOR and AGAINST deforestation. (‘for’ is why it SHOULD happen, and ‘against’ is why it SHOULD NOT happen).  Click HERE

Spellings: TEST 2: Practice all of the y5/6 spellings that you have been learning for the past 10 weeks or so. I will do a random test on them next week! Good luck  Click HERE

Please ask about anything if you are not sure.


Mr Bramhill