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Friends, Faith and Lifelong Learning

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Autumn 1 Homework Year 5

There are 16 activities shown below in the grid which reflect ‘Friends, Faith and Lifelong Learning’. Try to complete 2 or 3 each week and spread the work over the half term so it is ready to be handed in during the last week of the half term—week beginning 22nd October.

Write a letter to someone you care about. Use your best handwriting. Make sure you let them know how much you care.

Make a poppy for our Remembrance display in November.

Visit the pond in Meriden. Make a list of all of the wildlife you find there. Remember some might not be visible—you may have to listen out for it instead.

Write a book review of the best book you have read this half term.

Plan and cook a meal for your family—shop for the ingredients you will need and note the cost. You could set yourself a budget for an extra challenge.

Go outside and be active for 30 minutes every day for a week. Some ideas are playing football, going to the park, going for a jog or going for a walk.

Go to a park, a wildlife centre or a National Trust property that you have never visited before. While you are there, make a picture out of the natural objects you can find.

Play a board game with your family.

Choose 10 words off your spelling list and write 200 words, including them. It could be about anything but has to make sense!

Bake a cake or some cupcakes with an adult and give your cake/s to a neighbour. Try to give it/them to a neighbour that you do not know very well.

Sit somewhere quiet and calm and spend some time concentrating on your breathing and practising being still. How long can you be still and calm for? What sounds can you hear?

Build a den and spend time in it with a friend.

Do not look at a screen for 24 hours— have a ban on television, computers, tablets and phones.

Phone or visit an elderly relative or friend and ask them about their dayand tell them about yours.

Can you name an animal for every letter of the alphabet? Try to find the most unusual examples you can. Write a short description of each animal you have listed.

Write a prayer for our theme of 'Excellence.'

Y5 spellings.pdf

Autumn 1

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