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Science helps build intellectual and practical skills while testing and investigating the world. Science builds upon natural curiosity and love of exploration. We aim to provide children with a developing awareness of Science in everyday life through a structured programme. This awareness is developed through observation and practical investigations, giving regard to personal health and safety. Science topics are taught every two years within school (e.g. a topic taught in year 2 will be revisited in years 4 and 6) to consolidate understanding and build on prior knowledge. In order for the children to progress there is a progression of skills each time the topic is revisited.

As part of our science curriculum children are taught knowledge and skills from each of the main areas of science: life processes and materials and living things; materials and their properties and physical processes. Children have a new science focus and topic every half term. Scientific enquiry is a heavily weighted and important part of the curriculum therefore investigative and enquiry skills are taught through the main areas of science above.

During science lessons children are trained to plan, observe, carry

out and evaluate investigations whilst using a range of equipment. Children are set in ability groups for science and teachers ask well thought out questions to promote scientific thinking. To develop investigative skills, children are often encouraged to work independently in science and take ownership of their own investigations.

In order to make science relevant to the children, teachers draw on children’s own experiences to support teaching and learning. Knowledge and understanding of science is applied to real life situations to develop the children’s understanding of the environment. In key stage two, children are often set science projects or investigations as homework. This helps children apply what they have learnt in their lessons, as well as develop their understanding further. The children are also invited to attend a key stage two science club where exciting and explosive investigations are carried out to enhance the children’s understanding further. Science club is very popular!

Engaging Science

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