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At Meriden Primary School, children are taught to show determination, respect and passion during all PE lessons and school sports. Children are encouraged to have self-belief to develop ability, fitness, co-ordination, creative movement and confidence through physical activities. With our vast range of activities available, the children are able to acquire these skills.

Alongside acquiring skills, children are taught to select and apply their new found skills in team games and performances. Understanding their own fitness and health, they will also learn to evaluate their own and their peers’ performances and understand how to challenge themselves further.

We encourage the involvement of outside specialist instructors, such as Solihull Football Development Scheme, to enhance our own Staff’s teaching.

Specialised PE coaches work in partnership with the school and teach the whole of key stage 2 over two afternoons a week. They work with the children to develop their teamwork and passion in certain areas. There is a varied range of sport which encourages good sportsmanship and determines individual skills.

We encourage a healthy active lifestyle by holding skill based activities and competitive sports during the lunch hour for all children to attend. By listening to the pupils’ ideas for games,

Our           leaders manage some activities and lead the games. We also employ a sport specialist to encourage all year groups to develop their PE skills. In addition, the lunchtime supervisors are trained to organise games with the children to encourage teamwork and social skills during the lunch period. There has been a positive impact on our health and safety due to these clubs and children come back into school energised and ready for independent and group learning.

We have a variety of after-school sports cubs allowing children of all ability, interest and age to develop skills in football, netball, rugby, hockey, dance and gymnastics.

We have had a big push towards competitive sports! With strong links with other schools and being part of ‘South Solihull SSP’, we take part in different leagues, events and tournaments exposing children to competitive sports and team games. Developing sportsmanship, the children are taught to demonstrate the ‘School Games Values’: Honesty, Respect, Determination, Self-belief, Passion and Teamwork. Therefore, the children continue to apply and build upon our own school values in a different context.

Who says competitive sport only occur against other schools?! We encourage inter-school sports competitions during PE lessons, lunchtime activities and after-school clubs. Even though we encourage competitions throughout the terms, we hold an annual Sports Week where the children from FS1 through to Year 6 compete in a variety of athletics sports and games, building on their individual skills and team skills.

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