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Music Events

Music gives children the opportunity to express themselves

Aesthetically and creatively, using a wide range of materials

 and instruments. There are 4 areas of music provision that

we focus on.


Our Children have the opportunity to sing a variety of songs in unisons and in rounds during sessions such as weekly musical praise. Additionally during these sessions, children are encouraged to play a range of both tuned and untuned instruments. Children frequently perform to an audience.

Appraising and listening

We analyse and evaluate the work of famous artists and musicians, in order to                    develop their own appreciation.

If you would like your child yo learn an instrument you need to contact

Solihull Music Service directly.

Solihull Music Service treated the whole school to a journey through musical history, which ranged from the baroque period to modern. Their playlist included well known hits such as 'Stairway to Heaven' and 'Jailhouse Rock'.

The aim of the session was to showcase both the talent of the teachers and also to show the children how amazing music can be. All year groups were mesmerised by new, unknown instruments and were also joining in with the songs.

Children are encouraged to try new skills such as learning an instrument throughout school, Children are given the chance to choose an instrument to learn each year.


Throughout school, composition takes place in a variety of ways. Children

in the Early Years Foundation Stage are encouraged to explore sounds and

rhythms through their surroundings as part of their ‘expressive arts and design development’. Whilst both KS1 and KS2 use designated music lessons to compose and experiment with sounds and instruments.

Where possible, specialist teachers are brought in to give their expertise, using, for example, Solihull’s music service or members of the community. Upper key stage 2 children are given the opportunity to have subsidised lessons in brass, strings or woodwind. Special workshops and performances are often arranged to showcase their abilities.


National Curriculum

Click here for the lyrics and music for this year’s Young Voices concert.

The password is YVConcerts2018