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History & Geography


As part of the new National Curriculum the children at Meriden will be taught range of new and exciting topics, enabling them to examine why and how things have changed, to develop their research and enquiry skills and learn about historical facts

In Foundation Stage, the children are taught about immediate history. This is introduced through the ‘All about Me’ topic where the children discuss their own families and how they are different from others.

In Key Stage 1, the children will be taught units of history through artefacts and visual resources, where they can make direct comparisons. Topics include a unit on ‘Toys’ and comparing toys throughout history and how they have changed and developed. The children are also taught the concept of a nation and a nation’s history, through major events such as The Great Fire of London. They will also study significant individuals that have had an impact on British history.

In Key Stage Two, there will be greater emphasis learning about British history chronologically. This begins in Year 3 with the Three Age System; Stone Bronze and Iron ages.

In Year 4, we move on in time to a study on The Romans. The children will also have the opportunity to learn about another civilisation from around the world. Year 6, will focus on the events during World War 2 and study this from different viewpoints, analysing a variety of sources.



In geography, children are taught about their locality and where it fits into the country, extending out into the wider world and looking at current international issues and topics that affect themselves and others around the world.  In Key Stage 1, the children will be taught how to use world maps, atlases and globes to identify the countries and continents of the world. They will also look at different climates and compare them to England.

In Key Stage 2, pupils continue to develop their understanding of people and places. The children learn to use maps to locate cities, countries, rivers, seas and oceans. They will also have access to atlases and the internet to explore local areas, extending to the wider world-comparing and contrasting different localities.  

Children will also explore current, topical issues affecting the world such as, global warming and extreme weather.

The children are also taken on educational visits to historical sites and geographical field trips, to explore and use the skills that they have developed.

History National Curriculum

Geography National Curriculum