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Collective Worship

Collective Worship is at the heart of our life as a Church of England School.  It is an engaging and fulfilling part of school life. The school meets daily, as a whole or in part, for Collective Worship. Recognising the innate spirituality that all children possess, through our Collective Worship, we seek to support our children in their own capacities for, and sense of, true awe and wonder. We seek to encourage them to contemplate the existence of God in order to respond, from their own level of understanding and belief, to any offering, be it through prayer, song or drama.

The children also often plan, prepare and lead our worship either to the whole school or to their classes.

Our Collective Worship is hung upon our Christian Values (click here) and also follows the liturgical year where we celebrate Christian festivals throughout the year.

Meriden school strives to be a family community that seeks to develop all children spiritually and morally through mutual respect and understanding. We have close links with the local community, inviting parents, Church and village groups and relevant organisations to join and lead Worship with us.

We are very fortunate to have lots of visitors to help lead us in worship including Lynda Lilley  from St.Laurence, Jane from Meriden Methodist Church and Karren Berry too who always brings a friend!


Collective Worship Policy