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Code Club

So: What exactly is a CodeClub?

CodeClub is a network of after school and out of school clubs concentrating on developing skills in computer coding for young people in key stage 2.

Since it's inception over 3000 clubs have registered in the UK and new clubs are opening all the time.

At CodeClub we use a number of different programming languages to learn the building blocks for developing fun and interesting computer programmes and games, making the process exciting and fun.

CodeClubs are free to join and are led by volunteers. We make use of the school computer suite together with equipment provided for us by CodeClub's sponsors like Google and ARM as well as being supported more locally by the School PTA

What do we do?

CodeClub meets every Monday during term time from 3:30 until 4:45 in the school IT suite.

We develop the skills needed to develop fun and exciting computer programs by working through projects that keep introducing more and more cool stuff.

We program in lots of different computer langauges, starting with Scratch and then moving on to develop webpages with HTML/CSS and moving forward to Python and Arduino as things develop.

We are a StarClub -

What's one of those?

CodeClub StarClubs are

Clubs that are not only

Recognised for the fun and

challenge that they provide

to their own members but also support the development of CodeClubs in the region.

Meriden CodeClub is the first StarClub in the West Midlands area.

It's great to be able to spread the enthusiasm of our members to others to show just how much fun CodeClub can be.

What do we program?

As well as finding out all of the cool and exciting things that a PC can be programmed to do we also work with other platforms.

We have a number of Raspberry PIs, these are small credit card sized computers that open up new areas of programming.

Our set of DIY Gamers are based on the Arduino microcontroller and enable us to code exciting games for this hand

held gaming unit.

Together with CodeBugs and

Crumbles and other things we

have no shortage of bits and

pieces to allow our creativity to

run wild.

Where do I find useful stuff?

Here are links to some of the tools we use in the club so you can try them at home too...

Scratch can be used online or you can download either Version 1.4 or Version 2.

Trinket is an online tool that allows you to develop in Python, HTML and other things too.

Python is available here to download.

How can I find out more - how do I join?

Any questions? Want to find out more? Just email us at

To apply for your place Click Here, complete the form and return it to the school office.

There's loads more at the CodeClub website too...