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Art and Design in our school

 Here is a link to the National Curriculum for Art and Design:

So what does Art and Design look like at Meriden?

Art is a highly valued subject in our school.  As a result of our creative curriculum teachers are constantly striving to create cross-curricular links to give children as much opportunity to develop their artistic skills as possible.

To ensure coverage of the new national curriculum we have looked at all of the different experiences in art and design we can facilitate for our children such as;  Drawing, Painting, Printing, Textiles, 3D, Collage and  Digital media.  We then found a Progression Ladder which includes all of these media with suggested outcomes for each year group.  This is now used to ensure that the children develop and progress in their skills in each media during their time at our school.  Next we looked at our topics and decided which was best suited to each media experience and which famous artists we could learn about through these topics. Here is the plan for art experiences in our school:

Autumn 1

Autumn 2

Spring 1

Spring 2

Summer 1

Summer 2


Toys – obs drawing


Winter Wonderland – collage

Dinosaurs- 3D claywork

All about me-portraits

Homes –


Under the sea – textiles


London – printing the skyline and painting the sky Vincent Van Gogh

Pirates – observational drawing of shells and then create own design.

Beneath our feet – photography


Time Travel to the stone age, bronze age, Iron age – drawing,  painting

Rise of the robots  3D

Egyptians – Printing


Romans – textiles

Eye of the Wolf – photography  

Greeks – collage


Space – drawing  

Treasure Island – 3D

Spring 1 Aztecs – printing

Rainforest - textiles


Jurassic park – Dinosaurs predict and design their skin – drawing  

WW2 collage with printing of the skyline of London.

Shakespeare – painting portraits

Natural Disasters– photography

Here are some other examples of art being used to enhance topics across our school – these are in addition to the art topics listed above: